Mar 28, 2012


Kinetic Landscapes
22/03/2012 - 18/04/2012
Centro de Arte Mutuo - Barcelona

photos: Pedro Pina Vasconcelos
by Homeless Kingdom

Kinetic Landscapes is a work which proposes itself as form and object of creation, bonded to a moment impossible to capture, impossible to describe and impossible to exist without the combined essence of the human body and its kinetic, of landscape as an abstract creation and of photography as means of expression and a creating force.

Having the chronophotography and animal locomotion experimentations as a background for the creative possibilities, Kinetic Landscapes combines similar photographic techniques and reproduces, in an extended series of images, the metamorphic expressivity of moving bodies, describing a path of otherwise unrelated images...

Dec 10, 2011



A  reservoir is a pond where water is stored until it is needed.

Concept and choreography : S.Cansu Ergin
Creation and performance : S.Cansu Ergin , Matthieu Ehrlacher 
Live music by Matthieu Ehrlacher 
Duration : 30min.(appr.)
Artistic consultation with Madalena Victorino 
Photo: Aleksandra Osowicz.

A  reservoir is a pond where water is stored until it is needed.
"  ...  that  harbour  and that ship... Confessions .  Full of myself .Emotional landscape which is tints of orange, pink, kind of red, a bit turquoise, blue and some other colours that tulips have..And the silhouette in which   the   great reservoire is an emotional waterscape ; sort of blue, and deeper blue and dark and blue again with some   sharks  and  small red fish around as well , passing in the meanwhiles "because they are a lot" which has dry rose   tasty   sunset    in the balcony  full of cactus  , blooming  white flowers ; looking at your face as astonished muted company  as if they were  shouting  deep from a burning heart .And actually they just  came  from  blue grass running to the light  of that harbour with  that  ship  aside,  while you were dreaming, during my opera covered with salt and foam  from the red ocean where we left our footprints, walking  on its shore , where  no more houses  could drown by our seriousness... " 

Reservoire will be performed in Szolo Duo Dance Festival in Budapest on 08/01/2012



She comes from homeless kingdom which exists in the planet called MONOM MONOM .
She usually says  ''it is very difficult to live in other planets''

Creation and Interpretation: S. Cansu Ergin 
music: cluster 
duration 9 min .

Will be performed in espaço AlKantara, Lisboa, Portugal:
14th of December at 21.30 
16th of December at 19.00

Nov 28, 2011

Hotel Room

Hotel Room

Three parallel realities in the same place in the coexistence of the nonexistence of time. 
Homeless home where loneliness prevails in the thickness of the air. 
Flowers in empty vase waiting for water. 
Loop installation depicting frames of human behaviour.

Hotel Room
The place where one meet oneselve and at the same time, where one can meet with others and their personal life stories.

Hotel Room
The place where unusual things happen. Where people live their lives in shorter form. They stay for limited time and they leave. Sad and happy place at the same time, full of unusual emotions, situations, experiences, coincidences and casuals situations. Temporary home, temporary safety, temporary confidence, temporary adventure. Place, where one can stay for a while, one can rest there, one can do things in other way.

Concept, creation and interpretation: Jana Novorytová, Veronika Rinowski and Pedro Prazeres
Script: Vicente Alves do Ó
Music: Pavol Rinowski
Support: Centro de Língua Portuguesa em Praga, Instituto Camões & Homeless Kingdom & All Good Spirits

"Hotel room" will be performed in room 302 during the following times:
Friday      18h00-21h15 (once every hour)

The performing hours have changed due to the dynamic of the whole event:
Saturday 19h15, 20h15, 21h15
Sunday    14h15, 15h15, 16h15
each performance lasts between 20min and 30min.

Hotel Room is part of AXA in Action. A performing arts festival of live performances, installation work and site-specific projects by young artists.

The festival will take place 02.Dec.11 6pm – midnight, 03.Dec.11 5pm - midnight and 04.Dec.11 10am - 5pm. There will be an opening party on 02.Dec.11 in the bar of Hotel AXA.

For more information, please go to:

Oct 29, 2011

Mahrem Taksim

presented by Limpid Works

Mahrem Taksim is a contemporary, intimate approach to Turkish “belly dance”. It is a personal interpretation of oriental dance aesthetics
(Mahrem, tr: intimate; Taksim, tr: improvisation form in Turkish classical music)

Concept: Berrak Yedek & Jan Komarek
Choreography: Berrak Yedek
Light design: Jan Komarek
Light holder: Pedro Prazeres
Sound design: Berrak Yedek and Jan Komarek
Frame drum: Tomas Reindl
Costume: Jana Doubnerova
Duration: 18minutes and approx. 19 seconds

For more information please visit:

Sep 7, 2011


Framed Landscapes:  
(please click on the image to acess the video)

This dance film was created as a part practical workshop for dancers exploring human movement on screen and its relationship with a camera in motion. Summer dance school took place in beautiful slovak city Liptovsky Mikulas. 29.aug-2.sept 2011

Jul 1, 2011

Framed Landscapes

Framed Landscapes

Dance, Landscape and Video. Workshop led by Pedro Prazeres and Richard Chomo

foto by Pedro Vasconcelos

From the 29th of August to the 2nd of September of 2011, held in Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovaquia,

To be aware of the Landscape one is inserted in and the Landscape within oneself. To discover its principles, to rediscover connections and relations between Inner Landscapes and Outer Landscapes of a Human being. Dance and movement will be the tool to awake the senses enabling the relation between Bodies and Landscapes.

Video will be the framing tool for this object. It will deepen the choreographic perspective in a site specific work and a theatre environment work by the use of light, the use of space, the use of frames, focusing the essential from the whole, allowing simplicity to be born out of the complexity of the whole.

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