Dec 10, 2011



A  reservoir is a pond where water is stored until it is needed.

Concept and choreography : S.Cansu Ergin
Creation and performance : S.Cansu Ergin , Matthieu Ehrlacher 
Live music by Matthieu Ehrlacher 
Duration : 30min.(appr.)
Artistic consultation with Madalena Victorino 
Photo: Aleksandra Osowicz.

A  reservoir is a pond where water is stored until it is needed.
"  ...  that  harbour  and that ship... Confessions .  Full of myself .Emotional landscape which is tints of orange, pink, kind of red, a bit turquoise, blue and some other colours that tulips have..And the silhouette in which   the   great reservoire is an emotional waterscape ; sort of blue, and deeper blue and dark and blue again with some   sharks  and  small red fish around as well , passing in the meanwhiles "because they are a lot" which has dry rose   tasty   sunset    in the balcony  full of cactus  , blooming  white flowers ; looking at your face as astonished muted company  as if they were  shouting  deep from a burning heart .And actually they just  came  from  blue grass running to the light  of that harbour with  that  ship  aside,  while you were dreaming, during my opera covered with salt and foam  from the red ocean where we left our footprints, walking  on its shore , where  no more houses  could drown by our seriousness... " 

Reservoire will be performed in Szolo Duo Dance Festival in Budapest on 08/01/2012

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